Dental Braces Corrections in Somerville NJ

Please take a moment to view Before and After case studies of Mint Orthodontics LLC patients who received braces to correct their spacing and bite. For more information, or to make an appointment with Dr. Shinmachi, please use our Appointment form or call us: Mint Orthodontics Somerville Orthodontic Office Phone Number (908) 526-0808.

Spacing & Impacted Teeth | Flared Teeth | Overbite & Overjet | Underbite

Case Study #1: Spacing and Impacted Teeth

Problem: Upper spacing between front teeth. The patient also had two impacted maxillary canines.

Treated: Upper and lower braces for 23 months; the patient had successful surgical exposure of maxillary canines by an oral surgeon.

Case Study 1: Before (Treatment)

Before Photo: Spacing issues with gaps in upper teeth

Case Study 1: After (Treatment)

After Photo: Spacing issues with gaps in upper teeth

Case Study #2 Flared Teeth

Problem: Excessive spacing in the front teeth. The front teeth were also flared/proclined too far forward.

Treatment: treated with upper and lower braces in 17 months total. The patient now has a “permanent retainer” behind the upper front teeth to make sure space does not re-open.

Case Study 2: Before Treatment (Upper Exterior)

Before Photo: Spacing issues with gap between front upper teeth

Case Study 2: Before Treatment (Upper Interior)

Before Photo: Gap between upper front teeth looking up and inside

After: Closeup

After photo: Evenly spaced upper teeth without gaps

After: Closeup with permanent retainer

After photo: Evenly spaced upper front teeth, looking up and inside

Case Study #3 Overbite and Overjet

Problem: Increased overbite (“deep bite”) and overjet.

Treated with upper and lower braces in 23 months.

Case Study 3: Before (Treatment)

Before photo: Partially erupted upper teeth with overbite

Case Study 3: After (Treatment)

After photo: Evenly spaced teeth and bite correction

Case Study #4 Underbite

Problem: Underbite; This condition is classified as Class III malocclusion and causes pain and discomfort, and may even feel self-conscious about their bite. 

Treatment: The patient was in braces for 26 months and was compliant with his elastics.

Before photo (front view of teeth): Underbite, Case Study #4 After photo (front view of teeth): Underbite, Case Study #4

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