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Please take a moment to view Before and After case studies of Mint Orthodontics LLC patients who received expanders and braces to correct their spacing and bite. For more information, or to make an appointment with Dr. Shinmachi, please use our Appointment form or call us: Mint Orthodontics Somerville Orthodontic Office Phone Number (908) 526-0808.

Early Orthodontics: Expander | Early Orthodontics: Palatal Expander

Case Study #1 Early Orthodontics: Palate Expander

Problem: Underbite and crowding in the top

Treatment: Expander for four months. Once space was created with the expander, the upper teeth naturally moved into the proper position and better alignment.

 Case Study # 1: Before – Closeup (Treatment)

Before photo: Partially erupted and crooked teeth

 Case Study #1: After – Closeup

After photo: Fully erupted, straightened teeth

Case Study #1: Before – Closeup (Treatment)

Before inside photo: Crooked front teeth

Case Study #1: After – Closeup

After inside photo: Straightened front teeth

Case Study #2 Early Orthodontics: Palate Expander

Problem: Crowding in the top jaw, which is preventing the patient’s right-side lateral incisor to be impacted

Treated: Palate expander to widen top jaw and make space for the front four adult teeth. Treatment time was 5 months.

Case Study 2: Before (Treatment)

Before photo: Partially erupted, crooked, and missing upper teeth

Case Study 2: Middle of Treatment

Before photo: Partially erupted and gappy upper teeth

Case Study 2: After (Treatment)

After photo: Fully erupted, straightened upper teeth

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