Types of Braces

We offer traditional metal braces and clear braces. During your consultation with Dr. Shinmachi you can see both types of brackets in person.

  • The metal braces are made of a nickel-free, high-grade steel. These brackets are much smaller and more comfortable than those in the past. They have a flat and low profile for extra lip and cheek comfort. The steel is stain-resistant and allows low friction mechanics with orthodontic archwires. We offer a variety of colored elastics which may be changed at most appointments.
  • Our clear braces are made of a translucent tooth-colored material that helps camouflage the visibility of the braces. We use one of the best quality clear brackets available: Ormco Ice brackets. These clear brackets are made out of a patented sapphire material, making it a “crystal-clear” option in your mouth! These clear braces are most popular among adult patients due to aesthetic concerns. Please see the photos below for pictures of our clear ICE brackets.
 Image of clear braces
 Photo of confident, smiling woman with dental braces
 Photo of a model of upper and lower teeth, gums, and jaws

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